3D Visualization

3D Visualization Services

Bring the visual object perception to a brand new level with 3D visualizations

3D graphics has firmly grasped the leadership when showcasing the design and attributes of already existing or potential projects, granting their well-rounded portrayal in a digital environment. Adopting a 3D visualization method is a great way not only to reduce the expenses but also save your time by bridging the gap between raw ideas and their visual illustration.ScaleXM is ready to deliver the top-notch graphical solutions by bringing visual objects to life.

What We Can Do For You

Architectural Visualizations

Create a stunning virtual expedition through the building to showcase both the exterior and interior design, environmental features, and any other notable points you would like to include. The high interactivity and visual quality level of architectural rendering, achieved by our team of professionals, allow for making any premises look attractive and neat.

3D Prototyping

Dare to commit to fabricate your own detail or an assembly of objects by scaling it into a 3D environment, highlighting the key technical features. With its excessive and responsive rotating in a virtual realm, you can achieve the next level convenience.

Visualizations of Industrial Equipment

The Program-Ace team knows the importance of aligning the engineering and production process when conducting compound equipment and is ready to provide the seamless integration of anthropometric, ergonomic, functional analysis, and Human Machine Interface (HMI) to make you bring the innovative products to the market in a very narrow timeline.

Visual Solutions for Automotive

Keep up with the evolving automotive segment by implementing the latest visual decisions when constructing cars. In the 3D dimension, you will be able to merge numerous complex details and technologies, reducing the expenses by calculating and projecting technical actions before enforcing them in real life.

3D Data Blocks

With an increase of data clusters in modern technologies, 3D visualization is a great tool to transform big chunks of collected information into interactive and convenient multidimensional graphs, making it explicit by comparing them to each other.

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Construction & Architecture

Uplift the quality of buildings’ interior visual perception by enabling walkthrough tours and architectural rendering


Construct and conflate the car details with a new level of safety and convenience.


By merging the 3D crop model map with the latest drone devices, we strive at creating interactive agricultural tracking systems.


Use the finest 3D embodiments for geometry, physics, chemistry, and other hard science subjects.


Structure your production flow by granting access to physical product models before they get fabricated.


Improve the skill ceiling of medical staff by empowering them with round shaped and detailed body parts illustrative guides.


The best way to showcase your product by displaying its illustrative nature to the consumers.

Military & Defense

Our 3D visualization studio provides 3D solutions that allow for the best technical guidance when producing military vehicles and training the soldiers.


Easy to distribute and share in media services, it is a great tool to present your product in a fancy 3D appearance.

Tourism & Traveling

Make the visual embodiment of landmarks and key places to visit for attracting customers.

A Better Way to Illustrate Your Ideas in a Virtual Realm

With a solid hands-on experience in modeling, our mighty team of 3D artists excels at displaying objects of any difficulty in both Unreal and Unity engine environments. Being a proven VR technology company, we provide unparalleled services in photorealistic 3D objects incarnation, prototyping, product and interior presentations, bringing production speed and flexibility level to new heights.