A Guide to Essential AR/VR App Development Features to Increase User’s Engagement

AR/VR Mobile Application development
17Mar, 2020

Nowadays, the development of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) apps is on the rise. As per a survey by Statista, the AR/VR market will reach 29.5$ billion by 2020. AR basically means adding digital objects to a physical environment. On the other hand, VR means placing the user inside an experience.

By using computer technology, a stimulating environment is created that allows users to immerse themselves and interact with 3D world. Both these technologies have become an extremely important component for businesses these days. AR and VR are playing a key role in bringing improvements in businesses.

Several mobile app development companies are implementing AR and VR into their businesses to enhance the engagement of their target audiences. In fact, there are several reasons to opt for AR/ VR app development, such as:
• It offers life-like experiences to the customers
• Facilitates product prototyping
• Both AR and VR are the most efficient ways to outshine the competitors
• It provides a complete transparency
• Real-time data delivery
• Leads to more downloads as compared to apps without AR and VR

Tips to Enhance AR/VR apps User’s Engagement

User engagement plays a crucial role in the success of any app development process. Businesses are always looking to develop an application that can help them to create better engagements. AR and VR can provide the users with next level experience and can greatly improve user engagements, which will further lead to a boost in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Below mentioned are some of the key features that can be implemented with AR and VR apps to enhance engagement of target customers, have a look:

3D Modeling

In AR and VR app development, 3D models and animations are playing a superior role. 3D modeling can provide a completely new dimension to your product marketing and branding vision. Effective and efficient use of animation, special effects, content, etc., can turn your AR and VR products more meaningful.

Compatibility with Different Platforms

AR and VR are the most efficient technologies that can help you to showcase your products in an effective manner so that your customers and target audience can understand every detail of your product. Therefore, when developing app solutions, make certain that they are compatible with multiple VR headsets and various other platforms including HTV Vive, Samsung VR gear, Acer VR, Oculus GO, Sony Playstation VR, and more. On the whole, if you want to increase the engagement of your target customers, it is necessary to provide them with a more realistic feel through high customization and graphic design within the interactive design of the app.

Geo-Location Based AR Apps

Combining AR technology with geolocation features can be really beneficial for the success of your AR app development process. Therefore, make sure to add best-in-class geo-location based features in your AR app development that can leverage the device’s GPS, compass, accelerometer, etc., to deliver complete and precise details of the location. One of the best examples of a location-based AR app is Pokémon GO, which uses data of a mobile device’s location and position and adds virtual elements to the real world environment. Geo-location based AR can be an ideal feature for gaming, navigation, retail, tourism, communication, and more.

360-Degree Video Experience

Creating a VR app that delivers astounding 360-degree video experience can greatly augment the user’s engagement. It’s the one in which the viewer is placed in the center of the scene and gets engaged in a fully immersive environment. 360-degree video experience based apps are ideal for various industries including travel & tourism, automobile, corporate learning, and more.


In the coming years, AR and VR technologies are undeniably going to be an important part of every business. There will be huge demand and downloads for the apps with AR and VR technology as compared to the apps without AR and VR. No matter what kind of app it may be, whether it is related to education, gaming, healthcare, transportation, or any other, it will obtain huge benefits from AR and VR technology.

So, if you are looking for AR VR app development for your business, make sure to hire professional and experienced developers who can work on your AR and VR ideas and bring out the best possible results.

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