AR for Beer and Wine Industry



Our Augmented Reality (AR) Solution supplies an end-to-end augmented reality platform for E-commerce stores and businesses that engage in the enterprises of trading wine and beer.

ScaleXM develops robust AR apps that are well suited for businesses within the beverage industry and specifically designed to increase online sales – With an interest to Engage and Convert more leads into sales.

Welcome to the Age of Digital Shopping.

Given the recent trend in virtually realistic apps, we provide an all-inclusive and user-friendly platform by way of 3D augmented reality to create sensational and captivating shopping experiences that are guaranteed to drive customer reactions and inflate conversion rates and sales. ScaleXM AR solutions are viewer ready as they help showcase and give consumers more insight into various company’s Wine and Beer product brands in more ways than is ordinarily possible.

Reinforce Customer Engagement

ScaleXM AR enhances how a business promotes its products and interacts with consumers. We offer an AR platform that enables you to exhibit your products and reach out to customers even faster, at the same time allowing your consumers peruse and seamlessly make a pick from a 3-Dimensional point of view.

Increase Conversion Rates

We help drive more browser clicks and convert those clicks into actual sales through education, entertainment, and a display of brand transparency. By adding digital elements to live preview of wine and beer products, merchants automatically engage their customers, while inspiring them to see, taste, and experience their products redefined.

Minimize Product Returns

The ScaleXM Augmented Reality platform has a lot to offer businesses that work in the beverage industry. Since it provides them with the opportunity to sell more of their products online. By driving significant product and brand involvement and reducing buyer friction, we tend to incite more customer engagement.

Provide Your Customers with an Even better choice.

With our AR apps, your beverage brands are set to skyrocket, given that we bring your products to the doorsteps. Consumers have the option to enjoy the immersive interaction and subsequent conversion – More like flipping a bottle, spinning a glass of wine, or having a taste of your favorite wine and then make your purchase.

Delve Even Deeper.

We integrate augmented reality into your business marketing campaigns, thereby allowing discerning customers to delve deeper into the creation of their preferred tipple. Using AR & 3D, consumers can interact and experience your product from a different perspective, the ability to zoom into your work, and examine even the tiniest of product details.

Track Your ROI

Leverage an AR Solution that projects your wine and beer brands to the right audience and conveniently track and analyze your Return on Investment – ROI on the fly. Utilize our high-powered analytics dashboard to inspect, add-to-cart rates, revenue generation & customer-to-product interaction graphs – in real-time!