AR for Food Industry


Allow your customers to unlock the power of 3D interactions with our AI-powered solutions and grant them the ability to visualize, interact, and feel your products from the comfort of their smartphones.

Increase customer engagements, attract more clicks, and drive sales to your food brands with our AR solutions. Sign up with ScaleXM industry-leading tech and divulge your food brand to prospective online shoppers – allowing them the opportunity to have a detailed insight into your product brands.

Decide Your Next Meal on the Go

ScaleXM provides food brands with an Augmented Reality (AR) platform to carry out campaigns through mobile apps that are fitted with AR lenses changing how we shop. Our custom AR apps furnish an immersive technology that brings virtual food on your table and help you decide what you want to eat right before you make your pick. We help brands stimulate consumer buying intents, just as we enable shoppers to feel the savory of every dish from wherever they are – in near real-time.

Expand Your Customer-base

Diversify your restaurant and food-service chain and watch your online clientele grow exponentially. We enhance how you promote your brands and interact with customers. With a primary focus on marketing within the food-service and restaurant sector, we are here to recapture the next-generation clientele.

Leverage Top-notch Marketing Strategies

Utilize a tested and trusted campaign strategy using ScaleXM AR food product marketing to reach out to those customers who are not within reach. Stick with our augmented reality solution and open new ways to pitch your products to a new breed of customers.

Tell Stories About Your Products

We acknowledge that the potential for AR is to improve the knowledge and perceptions of physical content goes way beyond commercial gains. That is why our AR Food space is used to display food items in 3D, show ingredients and recipes, or tell stories about how a particular product is sourced.

Food is Aesthetics.

As we enter into the era of E-commerce and On-Demand Food business, the need for a platform that can project images of food brands into a collection that is social media presentable is apposite. Experience an unparalleled immersive exhibition of your favorite delicacies and stand a chance to convey your brand style to all smartphone users. The combination of a physical product, together with a digital experience, introduces a new medium for food-producing companies to educate their customers. At the same time, they are re-enacting a neoteric appearance on familiar products that customers are used to – With a 3-Dimensional view.

Never Fall Short in Conversions

With our AR platform, you can rest assured of heightened user interaction; because our AI-algorithms are feed from a repository of data analytics and real-time data. Overlaying information and visual presentation arouses a sensory stimulus that entails a certain kind of customer engagement.

Join the Bandwagon

The AR industry currently enjoys an approximate market size of $20 billion. Don’t hesitate to join the train before it becomes another story to tell.