AR for Publishing Industry




Work in sync with a technology that is superimposed with the real-life world to add creativity and fun to learning. Be in the know of how publishers are using augmented reality to bring stories to life.

Employ our complex AR marketing strategies to achieve tremendous sales results by improving customer engagements and create a new digital experience for your consumers.

Use AR To Bring Virtual Characters to Life

Our all-inclusive Augmented Reality Platform for the publication Industry is designed to get every Book Publisher’s content a step closer to the right crowd. At ScaleXM Limited, we make use of AR technologies that enhance the visual experience. We introduce AR-driven apps that completely changes the way children interact with the immersive content and real-world objects. Experience an AR solution that enhances learning experience while offering more interaction by allowing kids to view and translate every character into their creative world.

Publicize All Your Contents in 3D

Create a 3D version of everything from; novels to journalism, magazines to children’s books, and much more. Access to platform-independent web apps and smart devices simplifies the visualization of such digital contents as; video, audio, and interactive 3D animations & models.

Target Diverse Audience

Reach out to diverse clientele with a technology that supports book publishing as a means to develop more appealing content for end-users. Our AR apps for publication provides a new channel for kids from all backgrounds to delve deeper into the story through AR magazines and storybooks.

Minimize Product Returns

The ScaleXM Augmented Reality platform has a lot to offer businesses that work in the publishing industry. Since it provides them with the opportunity to sell more of their products online. By driving significant product and brand involvement and reducing buyer friction, we tend to incite more customer engagement.

Create Graphical Image of your Book

All thanks to Augmented Reality, book publishers can now render traditional print media into multidimensional imagery. Use an AR solution with digital content to make your products more appealing and informative.

More Revenue Generation.

Humans are naturally craving creatures; thus, to capture their eyes is to capture their minds – In essence, the more the attention, the more the sales. Since the Internet is the  only way to connect with users around the globe, and AR feature solutions enhance visual user experience. Considering the digital publishing era, we can generate a new income source by turning every occasion into a point of sale with AI-powered promo-stands, POS materials, photo-booths, etc.

Download Our Mobile APP.

We promote an AR mobile app with a fusion of multiple technologies that can enable publishers to upload their contents and have it converted into a three-dimensional representation – as we carve a new dimension in digital marketing.

Learn in an Entertaining Environment.

Join the transition to an advanced generation of publishing products and services that unlocks a new source of education, advertisement, and entertainment.