Showstopping Technology


Our prestigious client was looking to simplify its complex product stories, reduce product shipping costs and increase product accessibility to its global sales teams, channel partners and customers. Ultimately, it wanted to lower costs and drive faster sales.

ScaleXM worked with the client to develop engaging 3D interactive product catalogue more immersive and detailed experience


Based on more than 800 3D products available on the catalogue, ScaleXM created 360-degree photorealistic AR animations using Unity, HoloLens and iPad.

These could be accessed across a multitude of devices so they could use:

  • To create a magical pop-up AR appearance at trade shows that people can activate and walk around.
  • As visual tools in sales meetings.
  • For buyers to look at product details in their own space and time.


    • Significantly reduced shipping costs and access to more products for salespeople.
    • More than 2500 weekly application users.
    • Increased engagement at trade shows.
    • Joined-up approach between sales and marketing.



    Plan experiences across multiple platforms: Build AR into your marketing infrastructure so the most appropriate device can be used at any given time. This makes sure your marketing investment has long-term, rather than one-off, benefits.