Spilling the beans on Food Tech


One of our prestigious clients which designs and manufactures systems to process food and packaging was preparing to launch a new high-tech sorting and packing platform.


It partnered with us (ScaleXM) to create a campaign that would

  • Generate awareness of the new platform among plant engineering managers in multinationals
    and company owners of smaller manufacturing businesses.
  • Drive booth traffic and engagement at the upcoming Pack Expo event.
  • Generate leads and help acquire customers.



A high-tech marketing approach was designed to match the high-tech new product.
Most demos at Pack Expo showcase products from the outside so potential buyers don’t see the
mechanical architecture, cameras, lasers or sorting processes taking place on the belt. Client wanted to reveal the
ingenious inner workings of the new product to the technical people who would be interested in such details.

As a result, the key element fueling the overall campaign was an immersive VR experience revealing exactly what was going on inside the sorting platform. For the first time, people could see for themselves the journey of a green bean – or indeed anything else.

This was supported by a video teaser campaign to drive awareness of the experience at the event.



This VR experience, the first of its kind in this industry, resulted in:

  • Immediate sales opportunities
  • The most opportunities our client had ever generated at the conference
  • Securing more leads than projected.
  • Multiple award wins.



  • Don’t be afraid to get into the details: VR can show important technical details in more engaging
    ways than a video or leaflets outlining the same information.
  • First mover advantage: In some industries, there’s still time to use VR and AR to stand out from competitors at events and conferences.