Enterprise Gamification Solutions

Enhance your employee and customer journey with enterprise gamification

Gamification is the utilization of game-design elements and gaming concepts in non-gaming frameworks. Gamification commonly employs applying different mechanics typical for computer/mobile/online games used to improve user engagement and increase their involvement in the activity of the company, enhance organizational productivity, and marketing campaigns. Integrating enterprise gamification solutions into the working environment will turn routine work and day-to-day activities into a cognitive, gambling process. Because gamification elements usually exploit the sense of self-importance and a sense of pride and accomplishment, achieving a full involvement of the user in the product life-cycle, its usage will positively affect the motivation of employees and enhance the customer experience.

What We Can Do For You

Gamification Solutions for Business

Hack the stereotype that enterprises are the latest adopters when it comes to innovative technologies.ScaleXM offers custom development of enterprise-wide business gamification solutions that harness entertaining aspects of games to take advantage of engaging and appealing storytelling. It allows for enhancing employee recruitment and evaluation and organizational productivity.

Integrated Gamification Solutions

Program-Ace’s enterprise solutions with integrated gamification are tailored to meet your business objectives: whatever you want in order to improve interactions with your staff and stakeholders or increase customer engagement. By analyzing the company’s mission and employees’ motivation, we apply appropriate gamification mechanics, including rewarding elements such as score points, achievement badges, soft currency, daily rewards, etc.

Gamification in Corporate Training

As a more engaging and effective alternative to traditional education, gamified learning upgrades your corporate ecosystem and introduces new growth opportunities for your company. Building game-like applications, Program-Ace utilizes modern KPI-driven techniques to be used in corporate training when educating and evaluating employees and stakeholders. We specialize in providing gamification-as-a-service for enterprises and beyond.

What industry are you in? Time to benefit from Gamification Solutions!


Turning boring training into gamified environments that provide meaningful experiences for students


We apply gamification to improve requirements management and operation processes, enhance product lifecycle, warehouse management, and train your staff


Everything, from transactions to experiences, is more effective and meaningful when gamified


Gamification applications to train doctors and surgeons and encourage patients towards better health and self-care


Gamification app development that drives brand interactions, doubles revenue growth, and improves crop production and cattle management

Marketing & Advertising

ScaleXM helps marketers, advertisers, and digital agencies take advantage of gamification apps with a small investment for the brand


Being a preferred way of providing high customer satisfaction, improve ROI, increase sales, gamification has found its place in the automotive industry


Gamification applications for claim adjusters to help them succeed in preventing fraud and damaging accessing.

Military & Defense

Immersive, cross-platform, and platform-based gamified training for recruits from vehicle trainings to medical response simulations

Media & Entertainment

Gamified user experience, enhanced media presence, interactive, gamelike VR environments, gamified AR add-ons, mini-games for entertainment, etc.

Gamification Mechanics We Feature

  • Score Points
  • Soft Currency
  • Quests
  • Daily/Monthly Achievements
  • Player vs. Player
  • Social Networks


  • Badges/Rewards
  • Daily Login
  • Leaderboard
  • Season Events
  • Storyline

Give Your Business a Gamification Feature

Using gamification to optimize your business activities is not a tribute to fashion or the desire to follow the trends; it is now a must-have thing to engage Millennials and Generation Z, who will replace all of your current personnel/customers in several years, into the company’s activities. Having a solid background in game development,ScaleXM company implements gamification elements into your business processes to increase the level of employees’ immersion and customer engagement, without drastic financial investments.