Here’s How To Boost Your Small Business Through Social Media

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28Aug, 2019

Do you know there are 3.5 billion active social media users across the globe?

Social media plays a crucial role to boost business growth if you use it effectively. Especially for small businesses, social networks are the most efficient way to boost their growth as they easily build brand awareness and recognition. It helps you to get more traffic and generate qualified leads that directly influence revenue for your business. Also, it supports to sustain competition and gain loyal customers. 

However, you need to plan a blueprint to achieve your goal. This article explains the ways to expand your small business by using social media networks. 

Select the right platforms

Social media networks are exploding these days; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Myspace, Tumblr are just a few. When you want to grow your small business via social media networks, you should narrow down your choice to 3 more depending on your business offerings.

Social media networks are exploding these days; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Myspace, Tumblr are just a few. When you want to grow your small business via social media networks, you should narrow down your choice to 3 more depending on your business offerings. 

Do not try to be active on all the channels, which may worsen the impact. Instead, your SEO team needs to identify the most effective social media, where most of your audience is active. Selecting the right social platforms will not only allow you to reach more audience but also you can create meaningful communication with them. 

Amplify your audience reach

Reaching out to a larger audience is the ultimate way to increase business growth. And, social media is the best option to engage and attract more customers. However, in order to increase customer engagement, you need to use social media effectively. From the content creation to posting at the right time, you need to have a pre-plan ready to amplify the reach.

The more your reach to your audience, the more chances you have to improve sales. Here are the few techniques to increase your audience reach;

  • Share useful content
  • Promote social pages on your site
  • Connect with new customers
  • Optimize social media profile
  • Use a variety of content

Keep the audience at a focal point

No matter what activities you perform on social media, you should keep your audience in mind all the time. Remember that your social media presence is to entice the audience’s participation. Hence, every social media post should be directed towards attracting your audience to engage with your business. Never bombard your audience with multiple social media posts at any point. Instead of focusing on creating more posts, focus on the quality of the post. 

Besides, when you create a social media post while keeping your customer in mind, you can pass on the most effective message that attracts them to engage with your brand. So, keep your audience at the center of all your efforts to expand your business reach. 

Consistent brand voice

Social media is the right platform to build brand awareness and recognition. But, it is a painstaking task. You need to be precise about what you post and how you post on social media, which impact your brand image. So, make sure that you align your business offerings while publishing any content or image on the social networks. 

Moreover, consistency in publicizing your message on the networks enable your audience to connect with your brand easily. Having a separate team to handle your social media presence would be a good idea who can efficiently manage the work with a consistent brand voice.  

Establish significant strategies

While you want to boost your business through social media, it is imperative to identify a strategic plan. You should establish goal-driven strategies that help to grow your business. The well-established strategies will assist to increase exposure so that you can generate more traffic, leads, and sales for your business. 

When you try to build a social media presence without a strategic plan, it can be disastrous for your business. Thus, assess your main objectives to define the social media tactics that are aligned with your business offerings. Further, consider the following factors when you form the strategies to promote your brand through social media;

  • Interest areas of your target audience
  • What type of content you will need
  • When you should post any message
  • On which platform you will publish the post

Track Metrics

Last but not least, in order to promote your business growth, it is imperative to have a record of the essential analytics. Tracking the metrics is as important as putting efforts to maintain a social media presence. The analytical reports keep you on track to accomplish your goal and gain fruitful results. 

Sometimes, the impact of your efforts may vary on various social media channels. So, if you have the analytics, you optimize the most effective channels right away to boost your business growth. To be more precise, here are the important metrics that you should keep a record of; 

  • Most audience engagement time
  • Content metrics
  • Number posts per week
  • Number of total followers
  • New followers
  • Total engagement rate
  • Average session duration
  • Bounce rate, etc. 

In addition, according to a study, on average people spend 2 hours and 22 minutes on social networks and messaging. It means that if you promote your business on social media, there are fair chances to get them attracted to your business. Also, you can hire the specialist to get the best social media services to get the result-oriented outcomes in the stipulated time frame.

At ScaleUpYourTeam, we offer social media services that help businesses to drive in more traffic and revenue. Contact us to get more details on how we deliver the services that promote your business growth.

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