How To Outsource Mobile Game Development In 6 Easy Steps

28Nov, 2019

The success of games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds fuels the growth of mobile game development. Mobile gaming is a potential source of huge revenues provided the game has something new, something intriguing and innovative appeal to it. Game development can be expensive too but it becomes affordable when you outsource it to an Android game development company. Hire the right android game development services on an outsourced basis and you get excellent work done at an affordable price. Here are six easy steps to outsourcing mobile game development.

Get Your Homework Done

When you approach Android game development services you will need to define a brief based on which you receive a quote and know the game developer’s capabilities. It is difficult to dream up something entirely new in gaming. A good way forward is to deviate on a theme and deliver a new game experience to mobile gamers. It helps to put down in writing details of the game and its specs. This done you can proceed to the next step to hire android game developer.

Experience Of Developer

Developing mobile game calls for the blending of different skills. At the base, you have the coding skills, math skills and expertise in the use of technology stack, especially game development tools like Unity, Amazon Lumberyard, Corona and Unreal though it is not an absolute must. The Android game development company you look to hire must have teams that can leverage technology to translate ideas into reality. There is more by way of superior graphics and overall design of a game to make it visually appealing. Then there also is the need for audio and music. This means you want to outsource to Android game development services that have people with experience in all these areas. In addition, the integration of virtual reality and augmented reality will certainly raise gaming to greater heights. Given these requirements, the first question to ask is does the Android game development company have proven expertise and experience? Can it show you testimonials? If yes you may proceed further.

Discussions And Communication

Outsourcing game development is not like buying a consumer product. You will need to discuss the project and interact with the team the outsourced mobile game developer appoints. Frequent discussions will be the norm in order to brainstorm ideas, iron out kinks and suggest ways to make it practically and technically feasible to implement ideas. You will certainly need instant communication like audio and video chat to engage in discussions before you even finalize the mobile game development project. Further, the discussions also give you an insight into the capabilities of the outsourced app developer. Eventually, you arrive at an understanding at which point it is time to define the contract in commercial and technical terms. Experience and expertise in various technology stacks will be a pointer to trouble-free operation of the game and it also shows that they may have reusable code that helps in speedy development.

Putting It Down In Writing

You will naturally want to make sure that you have all bases covered and that there are no loopholes that would involve extra costs. At this stage, you will define in writing all the specific needs based on the discussions with the outsourced Android game development services. You will want to include terms such as penalties for delays and withholding amount until the game is thoroughly tested after deployment. The game developer will likely draw up a document that defines the concept, technologies that will be used in game development, timelines and testing. You may expect agile development as the standard here. You may also expect the outsourced developer to request payment in stages as work progresses. Now you draw up a contract and both sides sign it paving the way for your mobile game to be developed.

Collaborative Development

This is the stage at which your mobile game takes shape. Expect the game developer to collaborate closely with your team and keep you apprised of development at each stage. Professional game developers give reports on stage-wise completion and, in between, work closely with your team to ensure their work is proceeding on the right path. If you feel an alteration is required at any stage, you can request changes and these are incorporated in the development process.


The primary aim may be to provide a superb gaming experience. However, you may also consider ways to monetize the app. Hiring the right outsourced game developers could give you insights and ways on how to use the game as a tool to promote your company and also to generate revenues. This could involve direct selling of the game or modular add-on packs and upgrades in addition to advertisements.

Testing Prior To Deployment

Professional mobile game developers have the infrastructure and complete test set up to test in development progress and also a test set up to test the game once it is finalized. Nothing is worse than launching a game only to receive a flood of complaints. Thorough testing and taking care of any bugs that show up is part of the game outsourcing process and any mobile game developer worth his name will certainly ensure the game will work seamlessly on the platform for which it is designed.

Post Deployment Support

It does not end with the launch of the game. Surprises will be there with unexpected quirks showing up and you need absolute support from the mobile game developer to take care of these. Once deployed you may receive a ton of feedback and suggestions that may be worthwhile incorporating in the present release or putting aside for the future. Mobile game development is always an iterative process for which continuing support is essential.

Never Look For The Cheapest

You get what you pay for is an axiom that holds true for mobile game development. An experienced team comprised of experts in virtually all spheres that touch development, superb graphic design talent and impressive audio engineering are all part of game development. Talent costs money and if you want games that become a rage then you should never cheap out. Likewise, the most expensive is not necessarily the best.

To sum it up, technical competence in mobile app development does matter a lot but there is more in mobile gaming by way of impressive and striking visuals, development and progression of the storyline and logical twists as well as sound for an all-immersive experience. Hire Android developer team with all these capabilities and it will be well worth the investment.

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