Influencer Marketing Services

Why Influencer Marketing Matters

Working with influencers has become an essential part of digital marketing today. They have access to a large audience across multiple social media platforms who trusts what they have to say and regularly engages with their content. Traditionally, getting your product in front of that many people could cost you a lot of money. Now, it may only cost you a few free products.

At ScaleXM, we are not your run-of-the-mill influencer marketing agency – we are changing the way influencer marketing is managed. Through years of experience, we have figured out what is needed to make an influencer partnership mutually beneficial. When you work with us, you’ll gain access to this expertise as well as our proprietary influencer database, Dexter, which will eliminate the possibility of working with scams and frauds.

Campaign Launch & Development

We will work with you and your team to ideate new influencer campaigns, develop the best strategy, and launch. Together we will decide the type of influencer we want to work with and the goals we are trying to achieve.

Ongoing Influencer Campaign Management

Our team will manage the entire influencer relationship, including campaign management. We will interact with the influencers on your behalf and provide them with all details and stipulations of the campaign.

Creative Brief Development

To ensure the influencers have all the pertinent information regarding the campaign, we will develop a creative brief to share with them. This will outline the type of post they should be sharing, any specific messaging, and image guidelines.

Image Rights Release Development

A crucial part of any influencer campaign is determining the image rights of any content generated. We will work with influencers to ensure the rights are released to you for any future use as you see fit.

Partnership Contract Development

As with any business arrangement, it is always a good idea to have all points of the agreement in writing. Our team can manage the entire contract development and negotiation process so both you and the influencers enter into a clearly stated arrangement.

Targeted Influencer List Building

Finding the right influencers to work with can be daunting. At ScaleUpYourTeam, we have a growing database of verified influencers called Dexter. This proprietary database is filled with people waiting to work with you!

Our Process


We start by developing a list of influencers that will fit your brand and help you reach your goals. Then we put together creative briefs for the influencer’s posts, image rights releases, and campaign agreements, which can be updated with details later.


Next, we reach out to our target influencers and negotiate the terms of the agreement. Once everything is agreed to, the campaign can be launched.


As the campaign is launched, you will begin to see the results of all this work. Increased brand awareness, acquisition of new customers, and the gain of valuable assets you can use across any future marketing campaigns are all to be expected.

What You Get From Our BlackBox Audit


Analysis of Past Partnerships and Campaigns

Looking at what you have done in the past and the results it yielded gives us a great starting point. We will review all your past partnerships and influencer campaigns to determine what we should continue and what needs to change.


Competitive Analysis

Your competition can tell us a lot about what your market landscape is looking for. Our team will evaluate everything your competitors are doing and identify opportunities for your brand to stand out.


Target Influencer Selection

Working with the wrong influencer is a waste of time. Together we will identify the best influencers for you to work with in order to reach a new segment of your audience.


Sampling of our Partner Influencers

Sometimes it is helpful to look at what an influencer could do before committing to working with them. This will give you a better sense of their voice and style to ensure it fits well with your branding.


Legal Requirements

Our team will review the standard legal requirements we usually have when working with influencers. At this point, you should share any company or industry-specific requirements that will need to be incorporated.

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