Mobile Applications

Enterprise App Development

Boost your venture effectiveness with an addition of contemporary mobile and web-based applications

From the start of a digital era, enterprise mobile and web applications have been forming the face of the companies, defining the range of services they are ready to provide. Serving for the best of a multitude of organizations, such apps convey an immense convenience not only to the business environment, but also bring education, entertainment, and government programs to the new level.ScaleXM proficiency in creating native, cross-platform, and hybrid mobile and web-based apps for enterprises has already provided numerous solutions for our customers, allowing for exploiting the new business perspectives and boosting existing practices.

What We Can Do For You

Custom mobile app development

Taking advantage of contemporary mobile-developing tools,ScaleXM secures high production level when making polished and stable native and cross-platform mobile apps for any activity segment.

UI/UX design

An addition to modifying already existing design assets, we are fully capable of deploying UI/UX services made from scratch.

Enterprise web development

With a heavy focus on top-notch technologies, including .NET, PHP, Angular, and Java, we have a well-proven and conversant team of professionals to deliver all kinds of flexible goals.

Enterprise Service Bus

Program-Ace provides ESB service-oriented solutions to bridge the gap between application server and integrated software and secure evidence-based decision-making in planning and managing business processes.

Cloud app development

Having a hands-on experience in Cloud services, Program-Ace brings enterprise software to the Cloud realm. We offer our customers a wide range of custom, enterprise Cloud-based solutions to successfully implement them to existing business models.

Big Data

Moving to the forefront of providing high security in Big Data projects, we help our customers manage their activity in the convenient enterprise mobile app.

What industry are you in? Time to benefit from Enterprise App Development!


Keeping track and managing the production process has never been as simple as with the help of our cross-platform mobile apps and web-based solutions.


Managing schedules, receiving or sending tasks, observing attendance and list of tutors can become easily accessible now.


We develop apps that will help you manage medication, prescriptions, patient database, hospital location tracking, clinical trials, drug control.

Marketing & Advertising

Custom mobile app development to help you boost sales, reshape email campaigns, collect users’ feedback, manage the product line, set the prices, etc.

Construction & Architecture

Contemporary web applications are capable of creating building projections, planning, and viewing these features in virtual reality.


Online banking, trading, apps and software for mobile banking and many other operational prospects.


We also develop enterprise mobile apps that can manage the database of insurtech users, their payment history, tracking whether a person is eligible for using insurance in particular case.


Adding up-to-date web and mobile apps to the farming sector helps to track the crops’ state, control special spraying/observing drones, project weather effects that impact the field condition.


The custom application, produced in a full cycle by a single company is the best way to store and use confidential data.

Energy and Utility

Start controlling energy consumption levels, switch procuring modes, and optimize energy storages.

Technologies & Platforms

  • Java
  • PHP
  • Backbone.js, Node.js, AngularJS, jQuery, Cocos-JS
  • Oracle
  • Objective-C, Swift
  • Xamarin
  • Cocos-2d
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX

Add Accessibility to Your Business

Having an experienced team of professionals allows ScaleXM to deliver the best features of the dedicated, custom web, and mobile apps to increase the service level. Making easily-accessible enterprise mobile applications for multiple platforms has become our hallmark when bringing full-cycle, end-to-end app development services to life. During discovery, UI/UX design, and development phases, we will stay in close collaboration with the customers to implement the ever-evolving features that the app should contain.