Top 5 Branding Strategies Of 2020 Giving Leap To Your Company

31Jan, 2020

Do you agree that in this era of modern digital world, where everything is being digitized for boosting one’s business, a catchy name and a nice logo could attract the potential modern consumers? If your answer is “YES” then you need to get updated as this will not work anymore in near future. It is important to build and create a solid brand identity that will capture the attention of your target audience. The first step one must go forward is revamping their branding strategies.

This is year 2020 and it is obvious that several decades old strategies would not work anymore. One of the most prominent reasons behind this is consumers have become more intelligent and more advanced along with having good grasp of latest branding trends. Another important thing to consider is to stay one step ahead of their competitors and stand out in the industry. Right from logo designs and branding technologies to social media hashtags and customer-driven strategies, everything needs to be considered in order to stay ahead in this competitive digital world.

So, below are shared top 5 areas where one needs to focus in order to give a leap to your online business in 2020:

  1. Logo- The Face Of Your Brand:

Today, need of the hour is flexible logos! Why? As everything is changing at a fast pace, it is necessary to replace static logo with the dynamic
ones. Also, the shrinking screen sizes and emergence of new platforms have created a room for responsive and flexible logos. Depending upon the medium they are being used or displayed, these responsive logos may change in size, shape, complexity as well as color.

2. Brand Story- Changing The Way You See The World

With the brand story we mean focus on building human connections and not just about companies “About Us” page. This involves process of sharing emotional information about how the brand came into existence that further connects audience with culture, values and history that unites people.
Personalized connections built with a story create magic and with right branding; customers can ultimately relate to stories and trust them. This will connect audience with the brand emotionally as well.

3. Serving Offline Community- Prioritize Human Touch As Well

It is important to concentrate on online communities, but it is equally important to show your human side offline also. It has been observed that due to the increase in technology, the more human-centric interactions and emotions are valued more. We usually forget to check out on beautiful and real things as we are constantly connected to phones, laptops and internet engrossed in the online world.

By serving offline community, your brand experiences-

• Getting direct face-to-face feedbacks
• Real interaction with the brands
• Emotionally connection with people
• Substantial rise in online engagements

4. Responsible Branding- Change Is The Law Of Nature

2020 will be the year where company’s reputation will greatly depend on the public reaction to what business is doing to support the current environmental situation. Audience will strongly be inclined to those whose branding will focus on social welfare along with their practical elements. There is a special place in the people’s heart for those brands that are sensitive towards people and try to address them through branding and marketing activities.

With the help of responsible branding, one can observe raised awareness, increase in trust as well as encouraging social change. It is a strong belief that brands can eliminate social problems and so they need to step out for meeting their expectations while genuinely caring about such issues.

5. Gaining Brand Loyalty- Happy Employees + Happy Customers = More Profit

The year 2020 is going to greatly focus on reinforcing the customer-driven branding campaign as more number of shoppers will prefer those brands that collaborate with them. This can be achieved by utilizing correct CRM tools and marketing software solutions which will further directly involve customers in the process of development of products. With the help of CRM tools, the brand can understand as well as track the customers ultimately helping in organizing the future company strategies.

This will help in sustaining loyal customers with the brand as the activities will boost the customer experience and engagement as well. Also, in near future, customer experience will be valued more as compared to product and price of the service.


The traditional branding techniques are getting phased out gradually and so it has become equally important to adopt new modern branding techniques to be successful in the market. More focus will be on how brand acts instead of how brand looks and so it is important to get in-depth creative ideas depending on the type of your business.

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