Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality App Development

Custom VR experiences to empower your business with a new dimension of virtual reality, effectively used in multiple industries

ScaleXM team offers VR development services for creating VR training apps, full-dive visualization experiences, medical VR applications, VR presentations, and games. Our proficiency in the latest technologies and trends results in an exclusive blend of expertise in VR development, which helps us bring even the most incredible ideas to life. ScaleXM VR developers use the power of Unity, Unreal Engine, and native VR SDKs to create experiences that are comfortable, visually-appealing, and realistic. Entrust your VR development project to our team and be sure that the delivered result exceeds all of your expectations.

Technologies & Platforms

  • Oculus
  • HTC Vive
  • Google Cardboard
  • Gear VR
  • PlayStation VR
  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine
  • Varjo

What We Can Do For You

Full-Cycle VR App Development

We develop immersive, stunning VR experiences from conception through production to release to help savvy entrepreneurs and business owners improve their business value.

Virtual Training & Simulation

Crafting a dynamic educational experience, ScaleXM develops virtual reality simulations and training for medical, military, defense, aerospace, and automotive needs. Spread the message among millions – allow audiences to experience an event with a greater immersion and impact.

Virtual Tours & Walkthroughs

Virtual reality visualizations bring unlimited possibilities for a range of businesses. Virtual museums, galleries, and cinemas, interactive exhibitions and performances, virtual tours, discovery centers, product visualizations, VR theme parks, 360° walkthroughs, and flythroughs – all of this and more are possible with Program-Ace.

What industry are you in? Time to benefit from VR!

Gaming & Entertainment

Adrenaline-filled experiences with a full-fledged immersion for gamers.


Virtual reality is useful in the complete crop production process, including virtual crop monitoring, weather forecast, livestock monitoring, staff training.


ScaleXM VR educational apps and simulations are a valuable contribution to professional development as coaches and instructors report increased benefit from immersive training experiences.

Military & Defense

Virtual simulations enable trainees to practice skills necessary for military and defense operations without the risk of severe or fatal injury.


The VR prototyping of potentially hazardous products or dangerous equipment that needs testing before use, interactive presentations of sophisticated hardware

Architecture & Real Estate

VR visualizations are the powerful tools of communication between designers and clients that evoke the innate response in the same manner the original architecture can.

Marketing & Advertising

ScaleXM takes advantage of VR developing interactive presentations and promotional material to introduce audiences to brands/products in a more engaging way.


Virtual test drive of vehicles before releasing it for mass consumption allows for the considerable saving of the manufacturers’ time and money.


Featuring one of the most efficient usages of VR technology, ScaleXM develops VR software for surgical operations (ex. robotic surgery, procedure simulations) and skills mastering.

Tourism & Hospitality

Our team creates virtual tours allowing travelers to experience a destination before booking a trip, 3D interactive visualizations for real-life experiences of distant locales.

Drive Increased Productivity to Your Business

Powerful tool not only for sales, marketing, and gaming, but for every business today, virtual reality revolutionizes the process of making apps. As techies, we are fascinated by this technology and innovation it brings. Our team provides cost-effective virtual reality (VR) development solutions for a variety of industries, featuring agrotech, education, military, advertisement, government, and others.ScaleXM develops experiences for modern VR headsets such as Oculus, Varjo, HTC etc.