Virtual Product Presentation

With Virtual Showrooms we offer companies an innovative and immersive product experience. In the digital showroom, products can not only be presented and staged in 3D space, but can also be experienced, configured and demonstrated in their natural context. Products are visualized by means of the most modern methods to achieve a detailed, true-to-scale and almost photo-realistic representation on desktops, but also on mobile devices.

Virtual Corporate Space

Companies can place not only their entire product range in a virtual showroom, but also additional information in the form of videos, live streams, images and documents. In this way, the virtual showroom becomes not only a product but also an innovative brand experience, telling the brand’s story in a way your customer will remember. With consumer consciousness for travelling to showrooms changing, virtual showrooms offer a necessary alternative to meeting them right there where they are anyway: on desktops and laptops. At a time that suits them.

Virtual Event

Virtual reality, 360° video, livestream, chats, 3D avatars and virtual interaction – what should your virtual event look like? With the virtual showroom we bring events like concerts or the opening of your store as a digital experience into the home of your audience. The potential use of immersive media such as virtual reality and augmented reality conveys a feeling of closeness and results in a much more intensive involvement for event participants.

Live Digital Consultancy

We understand that the core of a virtual showroom or event will be the relationships and connections you form with the people in the space. Therefore, we can make the space social – allowing visitors to use video-calls like zoom, chat, meet speakers and experts, or even meet other people in the space virtually through characters and avatars. And schedule follow-up appointments with the right person to close the sale if necessary.


Strengthening the purchase decision

Customers can make purchasing decisions faster and more accurately because they have studied the product in detail from all angles. For configurable products, they might have even shaped it to their needs and be able to virtually enjoy their personally customized product. This experience, and the resulting increase in the quality of consultation, increases transparency and reduces doubts.

Unlimited time and space

Unlike with real showrooms or events: participants are no longer bound to a specific place or date. Time and costs for travel and accommodation are saved; speeches, materials and advertising messages are available online for all participants. At the same time, a virtual event increases the number of potential customers and leads as an organizer or exhibitor.

Emotional attachment through personalization

Providing opportunities for product personalization in the virtual space can increase the emotional attachment of the user to their personal result. This experience is specifically tailored to the user and increases their commitment. The resulting lasting bond can be transferred from the configured product to the brand and increases the general length of stay in the brand context.

Events with maximum reach

Target groups can be expanded globally. When it comes to virtual events, the number of participants is flexible. Depending on the scope, they can accommodate any number from 1-300,000 of visitors at a time. Participants from all over the world can simply visit the virtual space with a mouse click. Furthermore, virtual events can achieve what is not possible for real events: repeating the experience for the participant over and over again.

Unlimited scalability

From the product showroom to the brand universe: digital rooms are freely scalable and expandable. Digital experiences can easily grow with the requirements of the project – both the virtual floor space and the scope of functions.

Saving on costs

A high-performance virtual world can provide savings in other areas. Replacing expensive showrooms, touring exhibitions or conference presences.

Gamification increases engagement

By putting your product in the middle, we can bring all content for your product and brand to life in a way that is both intuitive and engaging for visitors. It is proven that playful micro-interactions or “gamification” can increase engagement. One study has shown that companies using gamification have up to 7 times higher conversion rates.


Here you will find the features and options that support our virtual showrooms. There are numerous possibilities for combination. We design each application specifically for the respective use case or business goal and recommend an ideal setup.

High-end 3D Visualization

Your products are visualized in 3D by means of the most modern methods to achieve an almost photo-realistic representation.

Customizable 3D Environment

The design of the 3D environment is independent of size and style, and is individually created for the use case.

Branded Space

Brands or company information as well as corporate design can be placed and integrated in the 3D environment.

Live Video Streams & Meetings

Integration of a live video stream or zoom meeting in the 3D environment

Private and Group Chat

Direct chat dialogue between two users or within a group

Audio & Live Video Chat

Audio and live video chat between two users

Virtual und Augmented Reality

Integration of a live video stream or zoom meeting in the 3D environment

3D on the web and on any end device

Access to the Virtual Showroom in any current browser and (mobile) device

Live Feed & Event Calendar

Plan and promote events and presentations in the Virtual Showroom CMS

Storytelling & Gamification

Interactive and playful experiences within the Showroom Experience

Analytics & Data Reporting

Automated analytics and data reporting